Proxima Fleet is my simple, little site about Babylon 5.

Proxima Fleet was first online around 2008 and hosted few game/mod/TBP campaign projects, but due to real life stuff, I didn’t have time or the energy to run it.

Years have passed but I never forgot about B5:PF and always wanted to re-launch it. So here we are now. For now, I don’t have a lot of content, mostly links to other Babylon 5 related sites and lot of them are pretty old, but still good. Seems that there isn’t a lot of “fresh” sites. If you come across a B5 site, please let me know.

At the moment, I will keep the forums offline, since I don’t know if there’s any demand for them. If enough people show interest or someone has a Babylon 5 related project and needs subdomain/dedicated page and public/private forum, I will open them.

First time I watched Babylon 5 was back in 1997, when they aired it here, in Finland. And I liked it, very very much. I will not go into the fight, which is the best scifi show, it’s a matter of taste, but for me it is B5. I love it how it is a complete story. The characters and the actors/actresses are so good in their roles. And the CGI, to me, still looks good today. And the designs of the ships are wonderful. My favorites are Earth Alliance ships. Especially Omega class destroyer.

Generally, I’m not in the favor of reboots, but I’d love to see B5 on TV again. And if JMS is in the lead, given budget good enough, I’m sure the show would be great.

Since English is not my native language, please feel free to correct any grammar/spelling mistakes I’ve made.

Front Page Image – Starfuries are from cancelled Babylon 5 freeware game, Severed Dreams.
About – EAS Medusa by Emi Martinez (@ArtStation)
Games & Mods – Jump Point Scene by Red-Knight
Files – Exploding Omega by Nadab Göksu
Links – Map by Shawn “Fuzzy Modem” Weixelman
Contact – Jump Gate Scene by Andy “Reaperman” Poulastides

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